ABCs of Anaesthesia and Education Income to Fred Hollows

By Lahiru Amaratunge

I feel incredibly lucky for many reasons. My parents, where I was born, where I was raised, where I live etc etc... 
But most people in the world are never born into this kind of luck.

My vision is to try and do my bit to share some of that luck and improve the lives of as many people as I can. 

I want to create really good medical educational resources and donate ALL income generated to effective, independent and reputable charities.

If you want to be a part of this and help out, please contact me at

This as in a large part inspired by the Effective Altruism and Giving what we can movements. So please have a look at these links for more information

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Daniel Ramsay

Thank you Lahiru for sorting a free course for the Pacific trainees!




Lahiru Amaratunge


Lahiru Amaratunge

Absolute Basics of Anaesthesia Course


Lahiru Amaratunge


Lahiru Amaratunge

Viva Boot Camp 2023a donations




Lahiru Amaratunge

Goooo fred hollows!!


Lucy Brown

take out the battery from the vein finder.


Lahiru Amaratunge

Thanks for joining our ABCs Advanced Assessment Course!



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Viva Boot Camp 20/20 Fundraiser For The Fred Hollows Foundation


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Abcs Of Anaesthesia Fred Hollows Fundraiser!


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Abcs Of Anaesthesia Boot Camp


Abcs Boot Camp Series 2022


Viva Boot Camp 2022 Fundraising For Fred


Anaesthesia Collective

Critical Inductions session



ABCs of Anaesthesia Q4 2022 income


Naoko Nakaigawa

Thanks for your enormous help, I couldn’t pass the exam without your help:) You are amazing!



Keep up this incredible work Lahiru!


Abcs Of Anaesthesia And I Excel

ABCs of Anaesthesia and I Excel Q1 income donations



Vimeo Q2 income dec 2021



Q2 2021 income from Youtube


Stanley Tay

You are such an inspiration to all of us. Keep up the amazing work La! #anaesthesiacoffeebreak #adrenalinememories


Abcs Of Anaesthesia

Q1 2021 social media income!


Santhi Rajendran

Great cause. Great work La! Xxx


Abcs Of Anaesthesia

website stripe income


Shashini Siriwardana

Great work Lahiru! Love to see people using their skills and knowledge to provide long lasting resources for people that have not been as lucky.


Abcs Of Anaesthesia

Youtube and Vimeo income from may and June


Omega Medical

Great work Lahiru! - Tracy Owens and the team at Omega Medical

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