Fundraising Tips

Need a great fundraising idea?

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Are you someone who likes to shave your head or challenge yourself to do an ocean swim? What about celebrating your birthday or wedding and asking your friends for a gift of sight instead of presents? Check out all the options here 

Have your idea? Then simply get started and create your own fundraising page!

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Once you know your fundraising idea, create your fundraiser page by clicking the Get Started button at the top of this page.

Set an ambitious fundraising goal

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Make sure you set an ambitious but achievable fundraising goal. You’ll be amazed at the impact you can make once you get started. Your friends and family are more likely to sponsor you if they see you have a goal and they can help you reach it. The higher the goal, the more support you will receive!

Customise your profile page

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Upload a profile image so that people can see who they are supporting. Tell your story, update the blog regularly and share your enthusiasm and passion for restoring sight.

Lead the way, be the first

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Lead the way and sponsor yourself. Once you're underway, your friends and family will be encouraged to follow and make donations to help reach your goal. Once you have you achieved your goal, you do have the option to increase it! As long as there's a goal to aim for, people will give.

Ask and you will receive

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Ask everyone you know to support your efforts to restore sight. Log in to your fundraising account, go to 'My Fundraising', then 'Get Support'. There are email templates which you can send to your own email address and then personalise, before forwarding to your contacts.

Promote your fundraising by displaying a poster in a 'high traffic' zone. Print (or call us) for posters and place the poster on the lunch room fridge or noticeboard at your work.

Remember - if you don’t ask, people won't know about your fundraising and you won’t receive. You may be surprised who will support you and are keen to help restore sight to needlessly blind people.

And don’t forget to thank your supporters for their donation!

Social Media is Key

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Facebook is the perfect platform to let your friends know about your fundraising. People who use social media raise, on average, twice as much as other fundraisers!

Share your fundraising page on all your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to maximise your donations.

Send a personal message to your friends explaining your reasons to help needlessly blind people and ask for their support.

Click here for social media images 

Put up a poster

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We have a range of resources for you to advertise your fundraiser. Put up a poster at your school, workplace, local coffee shop, gym or club and let everyone know about your planned activities. Click here for posters

Hold an event

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BBQ, movie night or trivia, a book club, dinner, high tea, girls night in and plenty more! The options are endless.

  1. Click here for BBQ tips and tricks
  2. Why are trivia nights so popular? Because they work! Get your friends, family and work colleagues together and have fun with fundraising. Click here for more
  3. Host a Lunch, Brunch or Dinner – a great meal with friends and families? Charge an amount to cover food, drink and a donation towards your fundraising. Click here for more
  4. Movie Night – a movie night may be all you need to reach your fundraising goal. Enjoy a great night out with friends and family and restore sight at the same time. Click here for more
  5. Raffle - A raffle can be incorporated into all fundraising events! It’s a great way to increase your fundraising.  Click here for more

Fundraise at school

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Host a bake sale, casual clothes day, sausage sizzle or sports activity to raise money for The Foundation at your school. Click here for more

Fundraise at work

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Involving your work colleagues with an event is a great way to raise money! Here are a few ideas to get you started. Don’t hold back on being creative and making it fun! Also make sure to ask your HR or CSR team if they offer matched-giving donations.

Corporate Matched Giving

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Many employers support their employees’ charitable efforts through their matched-giving program. Even if an employer does not have a matched-giving program, they may still be willing to support your challenge and make a donation. All you have to do is ask! Check here for more info

Receive cash donations (off-line donations)

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You can receive cash donations by following the guidelines below:

Step 1: Login to your fundraising page

Step 2: Go to 'My Fundraising' and select 'My Donations' and then select 'Add Offline Donations' 

Step 3: Add the amount and the details of the donor (First and Last Name and email address) should your donor wants a receipt. Or use your own personal details.

For a tax receipt please tick the box under the amount field. Any money received for goods sold (e.g. movie or raffle tickets, BBQ etc) are not tax-deductible so please DO NOT tick the a box under the amount field.

Step 4: Use your credit card to make the donation

Step 5: The amount of the donation will be added to your fundraising total and a tax receipt is issue to your sponsor if applicable.

Deposit directly into The Foundation account

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You can bank cash donations by making a deposit into our Westpac account. Account Name: The Fred Hollows Foundation, BSB: 032057 Account #: 304917 Ref: your name_CF

Cheque donations

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Please make sure any cheques are made out to The Fred Hollows Foundation. Send the cheque(s) together with a small note containing your name, your donor's name and their email address to The Fred Hollows Foundation, Locked Bag 5021, Alexandria NSW 2015. We will allocated the money to your fundraising page and issue the donor with a tax receipt.