General FAQs

How do I get my fundraising page?

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Your personal fundraising page is automatically created once you finalise the sign-up process. You have the opportunity to 'kick-start' your fundraising by making a donation to yourself and can then personalise your page by adding a photo and updating your blog.

How do I get my fundraising page onto the Fred’s Community page?

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Once you upload a photo and explain in a few sentences on your blog why you have chosen to fundraise for Fred, your fundraising page banner will display on Fred’s Community page.

Where does the money go?

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All the money you raise will help restore sight to needlessly blind people. Your fundraising money goes directly to The Fred Hollows Foundation and all donations of $2 and above are tax deductible for donors in Australia. Find out more about the impact your efforts have here.

How do I start my fundraising?

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After completing your sign-up, a personal online fundraising page will be set up. This is your own web-page where you can ask friends, family and colleagues to make a secure online donation towards your fundraising goal, paying with their credit card or via PayPal. They will be emailed a tax receipt immediately after donating.

Your fundraising target is displayed on your page, so everyone can see how close you are to reaching your personal goal.

How do I personalise my fundraising page?

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Log-in to your account – click on the orange login button at the top of the page. Using the email address and password chosen during set-up, you will be directed to your personal page. If you forget your password, it can be re-set by clicking on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link.

To personalise your page:

  1. Upload a photo of yourself
  2. Add a compelling reason why you are supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation. If people know a bit about you and the reason for your campaign, they are more likely to support you.
  3. Set your fundraising target. Note: $250 is the default target amount, helping The Foundation restore sight for up to ten people. You can change this to any amount that you wish to aim for. Don’t worry if you don’t reach your goal - every single dollar makes a difference.
  4. Regularly update your blog with text and photos from your latest fundraising event or other activities.
  5. Send emails to all your friends, family and colleagues, asking them to sponsor you and helping you reach your goal.
  6. Don’t forget to thank your sponsors.
  7. Keep your target high. It is a great idea to increase your goal, every time it is reached. As long as you aim to reach a target, your supporters can see that you are still keen to support The Foundation and will help you with donations.

What is the best way to get people to sponsor me?

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The easiest way to find sponsors is by sharing your your fundraising page link via email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

Keep it simple and send a direct link to your page. Find some email samples here.

We suggest forwarding the email to your entire network of contacts. You may be surprised by who supports your efforts with a generous donation.

If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Are donations tax deductible?

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All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible for Australian tax payers. If the donor receives something material in return for their money, such as a raffle ticket, a ticket for a movie, a dinner or auction item, these contributions are not tax deductible.

I am hosting an event – can The Foundation help?

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Hosting an event is a great way to raise money, and we are here to help!

We can:

  • Send a personalised Letter of Authority to fundraise.
  • Provide a copy of the relevant Public Liability Insurance Policy for a BBQ sizzle or other events.
  • Send posters, newsletters and cardboard 'cataract simulation' spectacles.
  • Send links to short video clips.
  • Provide a guest speaker for large events (100+ guests).

Just call 1800 627 892 or email us at for assistance or questions.

Can I issue receipts to my sponsors?

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When a donation is made through your online fundraising page, a tax receipt will be instantly emailed to your donor. (If they don't immediately receive this, please ask them to check their junk or bulk mail folder.)

The Fred Hollows Foundation does not usually issue receipt books to its fundraisers, unless a large event with potentially many cash donations warrants their use. Please call us on 1800 627 892 if you need assistance with receipts books.

What should I do with a cash or a cheque donation?

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If you are given cash or cheque donations, you can receive the funds yourself and then use your credit card to make an online donation via your fundraising page. Please make sure you include the donor's name and personal details so that they receive an emailed tax receipt after processing.

You can also deposit cash directly to The Fred Hollows Foundation by visiting any Westpac Branch or by EFT transfer to the The Fred Hollows Foundation. Please contact us on 1800 627 892 for bank details.

Did your donor give you a cheque? Make sure the cheque is made out to 'The Fred Hollows Foundation' and send a note with the code 'CF' and your full name to The Fred Hollows Foundation, Reply Paid 84932, Alexandria, NSW 2015.

Once we receive the money, we will allocate the money to your fundraising tally.

My workplace has a ‘Matched Giving’ program. What do I need to do?

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Many companies support their employees' charitable efforts through their matched giving program. A company may offer to donate an amount equal to what you have raised or pay a lump sum.

Speak to your HR representative to discuss what information they require, to match your fundraising for The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Contact us on 1800 627 892 or email for any questions or assistance.

How can The Foundation restore sight for $25?

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While the cost of cataract surgery varies depending on the specific operating environments in the countries where we work, in some countries it is possible to restore sight for as little as $25.

Our $25 cost includes the three key things needed to restore sight – the surgeon’s time, the consumable equipment and the intraocular lens (IOL) which replaces the cataract.

The most important element in modern cataract surgery is the IOL – Fred Hollows used to refer to them as "the most expensive pieces of plastic in the world". Reducing the cost of the IOL was the fundamental factor in making cataract surgery affordable.

Today, IOL prices vary significantly – including in low and middle-income countries.

In October 2021 The Foundation evaluated our program costs for small incision cataract surgery in countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh and Cambodia to ensure the $25 cost remained accurate.

Our assessment showed IOLs start from $4 in Pakistan, about $6 in Cambodia, and about $14 in Bangladesh.

The other key costs are the surgeon’s time (which is less than $1.50 per patient in those three countries) and consumable equipment (as little as $5.46).

So with the cost of the IOL, the surgeon and the consumables it is possible that The Foundation can restore sight for as little as $25 in some countries.

We acknowledge that not all surgeries in all countries are as little as $25. The cost of surgery depends on factors including the country of treatment, the age and circumstances of the patient, how and where the treatment is delivered, the type of procedure, the IOL used, the hospital type (government or private), the facilities of the hospital, inpatient or day procedure delivery mechanisms, and the economic status of people in the country or region.