Restore sight to the needlessly blind

By Donald Ho

Help us reduce the needlessly blind

2019 Results

640,000+  Eye operations and treatment
20M+ people treated with antibiotics for Trachoma
68,000+ people trained inc surgeons, nurses and health workers

A big Thank You from Donald 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Mary Kim




Stephanie Pei-wen Yap Abidin


Joanne Mackson


Bernard Ng


Adrian Choi


Susanna Siu


Susanna Siu


Michaela Kupcakova


Jason Border


Philip Murray

This time it will work


Jennifer Lee


Hong Ching Chi

A wonderful initiative to help those in need


Wenyuan Mai


Chizuru Townsend


Lynne Bilston


Michael Eckert


Andrew Lin

A fantastic initiative, well done Donald!


Bgrf Pty Ltd


Jane Stuart

Great charity Donald. Thank you for your help. Jane


Ho Fat Lau

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