Uzi's 10th Birthday!

By Tazin Abdullah

Hi everyone!

We live in such a beautiful world but some people cannot see it. I cannot imagine not being able to see my family, my friends or the park. The Fred Hollows Foundation has helped so many people around the world with their vision. I would like to ask for your help to give them a little support for my birthday this year.

When we help someone with their eyesight, we also enable them to help their families, friends and others. So, please send my birthday present to the Fred Hollows Foundation and you will give me the best birthday  present ever!

Thank you so much,

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gould Family

Great work Uzi! .. From the 3 Gould kids



Happy birthday Uzayr!! What a beautiful way of spending your birthday by giving! Best wishes!



Happy birthday Uzi. I hope you have a great day. Cameron



Happy 10th Birthday Uzayr! You have such a beautiful and giving heart. May He allow your light to grow brighter and brighter. Double digits ??? All our love xxx


Areeb Rahman

Happy birthday Uzayer. May Allah bless you because of your great initiative.



Happy Birthday Uzi. I hope you have a great day. From Marcus.


Kieran Hack

What a beautiful way to help others. We're proud of you!



Happy Birthday Uzayr. I hope you have a great day. I can’t wait until your party. Best wishes Benji


Shimi Rahman

Happy birthday Uzi. May Allah SWT bless you and keep you happy. Zayn.



Happy birthday Dear Uzayr ! Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Im so proud of you.


Ahiyan Imran

Hi Uzi, you are one of the change makers in the world. Wish you had a great day on your birthday!




Hel Abdullah


Asif Rahman

Uzi, you are a true difference maker in this world! So proud of you


Parvez Sultana

I am so happy that you doing such a wonderful thing for your birthday. I pray that you are always able to help people in need. Happy birthday Uzayr!



So proud of you Uzi!! Your thoughtfulness speaks volumes about your heart and generosity. Love you lots abbu!


Binni Ahmed

Happy 10 th Birthday Uzi May Allah protect you and Wish you a very healthy Happy life . Omair


Aarav Majumdar

Happy Birthday Uzi From Aarav


Muhammad Haqq

Good thinking


Samin Abdullah

Happy birthday Uzi! So proud of you for supporting such a worthy cause :)


Diyya, Hasib, Arisha & Amaya

Dear Tazin & Uzi, This is such a good cause and you “Uzi” are a very kind hearted person to be able to share your blessings with the less fortunate. May Allah fulfill all you dreams and give you all the happiness in this world. Love you heaps! Happy 10th Birthday. Double digits???

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