Blindfold week

By Steven Deally


11 years ago I signed off the medical forms for both of my eyes to be removed and become permanently blind. However, through good fortune and access to health care my eyesight was saved.    


It hasn't been an easy journey, but upon emerging, it seems logical that everyone should have access to sight restoring healthcare. That is what the Fred Hollows Foundation does, in an efficient manner.


This year I'm launching a new campaign, BLIND FOLD WEEK. To participate, simply wear a blindfold for 1 hour any time between the 7th and 13th of February.  I’ve also committed to spending 25 hours blindfolded during the week to raise awareness for the campaign.


Click on the link to "join the team", donate, fundraise and share widely. We're aiming for mainstream adoption, so everybody is welcome to join us for blindfold hour or donate to the cause. 


Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.



Thank you to my Sponsors


Nellie Herbert


Reece Frith


Oliver Breedon



Alison Paul

Amazing work :) x


Penny Edwards

Well done Steven. Love your work!


Vivek Miranda


Chris Cameron


Sonia And Henry Moore

Thankyou Steven ❤️


Yvonne Deally

Great passion for a great cause


Sylvio Raz


Steven Deally

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