Run 4 Vision 330km Alps 2 Ocean

By Markus Schar

Done and dusted - 323km over 7 days in 41 hours

Thank you all for your support to help restore sight to needlessly blind people.

It was a long week with lot's of ups and downs (literally and emotionally)

But it was worth every minute and km. Enjoy the read


Alps to Ocean

All down hill, right?

surprised think again - that peak half way through is the finish of the 89km stage - love to finish on a high sealed

1 week to go

After almost 10,000 km of training and 1,000 hours running I am as ready as I can be. This weekend it is packing food (2,200 calories per day) so lot's of Nutella of course :-) plus sleeping bag, mat, some survival gear. A couple of  last leisurly runs to keep the nerves calm over the weekend and off we go.

Follow my race here:

330km from Alps to the Ocean

On Saturday, 23 February, I will be at the start of an epic 200 miles / 330 km race over 7 days covering  halfway across New Zealand's South Island. 

Lot's and lot's of time to think during those 6,7 or 8 hours runs.  

The 25 million needlessly blind people living in the developing world will be on my mind for sure whilst I will enjoy some of the incredible sceneries New Zealand's South Island has to offer.  
These people, living without access to proper and affordable eye health care, need our help the most.

Your support to help restore sight by donating to The Fred Hollows Foundation not only will encourage me to keep running but it will change lives for ever. 

My goal of $2,000 is a reflection of the 200 miles I will be racing in New Zealand  end of this month.

You can follow my progress here

Thank you very much for your support!

Thank you to my Supporters


Jane Crouch

Show us the view(s)!


Nicola Stewart

Great effort Markus!!! Enjoy the adventure.


Mary Zuber

Keep going Marcus! We are all behind you!


Pinky Fung

You are awesome Markus! Run! Markus Run!


Karen Miller

Good luck Markus, I will think of you as I struggle to put my feet up!


Jen Rowan

Be safe and have fun!


Michael Allen

This race doesn't seem hard enough...


Natasha Izard

Good luck from a South Island Kiwi!


Greg Cullen

It's all down hill. :)


Uli E

That's my man! 💓


Sue Larsen

Go Markus, you good thing!!


Alison Hill

I hope the feet and lungs power you on!


Nicole Dunn

Go Markus!!


Amanda Lloyd-tait

Watch out for Hobbits!


Markus Schar