Hon's 18th Birthday

By Hon C

There's no better gift than helping these kids.

There’s honestly nothing I could want more than seeing children reclaim their eyesight. Why?

Imagine if one child is able to see, read, learn and unlock the answers to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

And just imagine if more children, could join me in appreciating all the colourful BBBBs across the globe - big booty, badass babes.  Wouldn’t that be inspiring for the kids? 

Every donation big or small helps the children. 

Just $25 allows 1 child to see again. How many children will you support?

If you enjoy flexing here’s your time to make a statement.

And you know what the crazy thing is? 

Fred Hallows will match every dollar you donate…

I know - wtf right!?

So let’s take advantage of it!

Thank you for supporting these kids!

Thank you to my Sponsors







Thanks so much for inviting me to your bday party and thanks for this amazing initiative! You have a beautiful soul! We will have a blast ! With love Tanny Becerra

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