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An afternoon of spiritual connections Join Us

An afternoon of spiritual connections

As many of you know, my Nana was an incredible clairvoyant and medium. 
She held many fund-raisers for the Fred Hollows foundation and I'd like to continue contributing to this amazing cause. 
It was a cause she held dear to her heart as her sight started to deteriorate as she aged. 
Every cent raised at this even will go directly to the Fred Hollows foundation.
 This even is a raffle with prizes to be won.
It's a $10 door entry fee with door prizes to won, then $1 per raffle ticket for other prizes up for grabs. Everyone working at the event is doing so for free and every prize has been donated. It's a beautiful thing when community comes together for a great cause. 
The afternoon will start with a brief introduction, followed by some earthy sounds of the didgeridoo to ground everyone's energy. There will be 8-10 platform mediums giving messages on the day, with intervals in-between. Door prizes announced and then then raffle will be drawn. If you can't attend in person, you are welcome to donate to the page. We raised over $800 last year so let's try make it to $1000 this year ?