Fred's Move

By The Fred Hollows Foundation

Fundraising in the workplace

Collect some left-over equipment and make a donation to our cause. 

The amount should be equal to the market value of the equipment, which you will be guided on.  

Please make the donation in your name.

An email will be sent directly to Business Services confirming your purchase.

Thank you.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kaveendra Vithana

2 lg signage tvs


Specsavers Maroubra

Specsavers Maroubra Fundraiser


Darren Raeburn


Brandon Ah Tong

For purchase of office chair


Harley Steadman

real intended donation, just testing this page still works




Katrin O'sullivan


Steve Martin


Annette Houston



Annabel Pearce


Rizal Afenir


Ahasub Chowdhury


Julianne Wilkin


Endeavour Painting Sydney


Jon Hamilton Crail

Donation to pay for purchase of an Ex-FHF laptop.





Payment for laptop


Rossi Campbell


Annabel Pearce


Annette Houston



Mary Zuber


Sarineh Manoukian

For the two couches and coffee table :)


Bethany Chan


Steve Martin


Lida H


Shameera Arangil


Rachel B


Neslie Anaya


Kristina Platt


Lewis Thompson-milne



Espresso Cafe

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