Running a full looooooong Marathon

By Has Altaiar Join Me

We usually do not think about our eyes and the beauty they enable us to see, but sadly for more than 2 billion people around the world, avoidable blindness is a fact of their every day life. 

I am going to run a full marathon, and I know I am pushing my body to its limits. I would like to use this opportunity to raise funds for the Fred Hollows foundation. $50 is not a huge amount for us in Australia, but it can deliver a life-changing 20-min eye treatment operation for someone on the other side of the world. 

I am asking friends, family, and everyone to support me and donate to the Fred Hollows foundation. To show my commitment, I will double your donation. For every dollar you donate, I will donate 2, so let's get running :) 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Paco C


Mark Abela

An excellent choice my friend. Best wishes on the day of the event for clear skies and a comfortable temperature.




Alistair Michener

Good luck Has :)


Pranav Holavanahalli

Awesome cause buddy, good luck


Sanjeevi Rangan

Great cause, Has!


Peter Vats

Well done Has. Great cause!


Helen Airiyan

Have fun :)


Vic Perdana

Go Go Has!


Mehmet Altuntas

Great support! Go Has (:


Katy Henley

Go Has! Great cause to support.


Chris Fulstow

Good luck, Has!



Amazing stuff! I wish you luck in the upcoming training and the event :)


Has Altaiar

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