Running a full looooooong Marathon

By Has Altaiar Join Me

We do not think about our eyes usually and the beauty the enable us to see, but sadly for many people around the world, avoidable blindness is a fact of their every day life. 

I am going to run a full marathon, and I know I am pushing my body to its limits. I would like to use this opportunity to raise funds for the Fred Hollows foundation. $50 is not a huge amount for us in Australia, but it can deliver a life-changing 20-min eye treatment operation for someone on the other side of the world. 

I am asking friends, family, and everyone to support me and donate to the Fred Hollows foundation. To show my commitment, I will double your donation. For every dollar you donate, I will donate 2, so let's get running :) 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Has Altaiar

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