Alex's 30th Birthday Fundraiser

By Alexander Giangrasso

An eye for an eye OR a pair of eyes for $25

Hello friends and family,

Even though I am the birthday boy I have a gift for you this year.

Did you know movie tickets are $23 at Event Cinemas? $23 to watch the latest Hollywood garbage (gone are the days of good cinema). This is just the cost of one ticket, don't get me started on how much snacks cost.

Did you know for $25 you can let someone else see again? (and not just movies, like I am talking indoors AND outdoors). 

But Alex, how is this a gift to me?

Well I am glad you asked! Instead of wasting $23 on seeing crap at the movies you can spend $25 so someone can see for the rest of their lives. It is a win-win.

And that's not all folks, have I mentioned that any donations made for my birthday are completely tax deductible. That is not one but TWO gifts for you on MY birthday. I know, I am incredibly generous it comes with my old age.

No gifts means no gifts, don't bring me a token or small gesture (not even alcohol). Whatever you are going to spend on that, add it on here. I have everything I could possibly want and I am so grateful for it and for all of you. 

Please don't feel pressured to donate publicly, there is an option to do it anonymously. Every donation counts no matter how big or small. 

Lots of love,

Thank you to my Sponsors



Happy 30th dear Rexy. Love Chris, Annie, Nikki & Nicias Love you and proud to be family xxxx



Go Rexy !


David Taylor Eva And Nalo

Happy Birthday you old wrinkle saggy pickle Love from David Taylor Eva and Nalo


Andrea & Kurtis


Matt, Lorraine And Charlie Salem

Happy Birthday Legend!


Joe, Sue, Marc And Alana Giangrasso

Happy 30th birthday Alex… you have achieved so much in so little time… you should be proud of yourself!! Love Zio Joe, Aunty Sue, Marc and Alana 😘😘



Go Alex !


Shadi & Haneen

Happy 30th Alex! Hope you have a great one habibi 😘


Michael & Brontë

Congrats on your employee of the year* award. Thought I should get around to transferring your bonus. *calendar year


Andreas & Marina

A big happy birthday to you Alex!! This is such an great cause ❤️❤️ Hugs and kisses Andreas & Marina


Luisa Giangrasso

Happy Birthday Alex. What a great Cause x




Felicia Giangrasso

Auguri Alexander on your 30 birthday Nonna x


Gino Giangrasso

Happy 30th Birthday Alexander What a wonderful cause you have chosen for your 30th birthday wish. We are always proud of you Love mum and papa xx


Olivia, Phil & Sienna

Happy 30th birthday Alexander. We are all so proud of you and what you’ve achieved.

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