SA School for Vision Impaired

By Casandra Blagdanic Join Me

The SA School for Vision Impaired would like to raise money for children all around the world who do not get the same access to healthcare as we do in Australia. We want to help cure curable blindness and prevent others from going blind. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gwen Riessen

I'm 4. This is all my sharing money. 4df3d. Gwen


Andrew Whisson


Sharon Rattray

What a great cause to support!


Emma Cook

Well done everyone!! What a fantastic cause to support!!


Amy Roe

Great Work SASVI year 6 and 7's a wonderful cause you have chosen to support


Pythag Gal


Selena Beitz


Beata Nalepa

What a great cause. It is a pleasure to help. Love, Beata


Olivia Muller

You 6/7’s are the coolest and have the coolest teacher ever!!! :)


Michelle Glazbrook

Well Done team




Casandra Blagdanic

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