Run 360 for 60

By Markus Schar

The Screwed Ultra Runner

done and dusted - 353km in 3 days 19 hours 57 minutes and 30 seconds - without sleep and uncrewed

You can read it all here:

360km in 104 hours

The DeliriousWEST200 - a 360 km non-stop foot race with a 104 hour cut-off.  

Someone told me that at my age it is time to look at some different activities, be a bit gentler on the body and so on – not sure what that meant but I looked around and I found something a bit different….to me at least.

Not sure yet how to plan and survive a non-stop 360km run ….where or when to sleep, when to run and when to walk, what to eat? Preparation are going to be lot’s of fun! Less so the training for this adventure...

I will be privileged to race through some of the most remarkable forests, unforgiving coastal scrub, struggle along stunning sandy beaches and tackle wild river crossings.

I will be able to see some of this country's finest landscape along the world famous Bibbulmun Track in the South of WA.   

Unlike millions in the developing world who are needlessly blind simply because they do not have access to eye health services or do not have the means to pay for them. They need our help the most - that’s the reason I run and ask for your support.

Thank you!



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Inspirational as always


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Congratulations on yet another incredible feat. Vant keep an old dog down!


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Still amazes me every time! Have fun and be safe


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Martin and I are very happy to sponsor you. You’ve made us tired just reading about the distance that you’ll be running! Good luck and best wishes for the run.


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May the force be with you!


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Crazy Markus!


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Brilliant effort Markus!



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