Support PL & KW to complete Snowman Trek

By Peter Look

Support us !!

Peter Look and KW Wong are going to have a 35-day Snowman Track walk from 22/Sep/2019 to 26/Oct/2019. This is a challenging 28 day trek through the remote and rarely visited Lunana region in Northern Bhutan along the border with Tibet.  Lunana Snowman is known as one of the most difficult and beautiful trek in the Himalayas.
This is  very challenging for us.   We wish we could finish the whole journey.
Please support our challenging walk by your sponsoring.  All your collected money will be donated to this charity organisation,  The Fred Hollows Foundation.  

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tack Kuang Soon


Ene Cheang

Well done. Such amazing endurance.


Clement Wong


Stella Lo

Well done & congratulations!


Kevin Lam


Stewart Leung

Congradulations !


Raymond Mar

Well Done. All the best with all your future hiking.


Cham & Man

Well done 雖不能至, 心嚮往之。


Sai Man Cheng

Dear Peter, Well done. SM


Anna Tsang

Well done, Peter.


Daniel Chan

Congratulations Peter for your great deed.


Monica Ho

Congratulations. What's the next challenge?


Kwok Yum

Hi Peter I have donated $215 to Fred Hollows Foundation. Keep up with the good deed!


Kin Lee

Well done, keep on your challenge!


S H Ho


Simon Wan

Congratulations. Well done.



Peter Well done. congratulation


Rita & Jonathan

Congratulations, Peter on completing Snowman Trek mission. You are great.


Pong Hing Fong

Peter and KW, Well done and congratulations!


Diana Johnson

Excellent. Great achievement. 厲害! 佩服!!


John L

Congratulations for completing this challenging trek, well done!


Gary And Lanna Leung

Great course. Well done Peter


Albert Kwong

Well done Peter for finishing a difficult journey


Rebecca & Kevin

Congratulations to your completion of the difficult but beautiful Snowman Track. We are happy to support you for The Fred Hollows Foundation.


Peggy & Andrew Chan

Peter, may we congratulate you on such a meaningful activity. We know that you have trained very hard for this track walk and you have eventually made this happened. Well done!!


Linda Park


Steve & Winnie


Pauline Tam

Congratulations, Peter! You are amazing!


Peter Man

Congratulations, Peter.


Karen And Wilfred Leung



Olivia Lee

Congratulation to your success in the Snowman trek walk in Bhutan. Well done!


Quang Ha



Ming Yan Wong


Edmond Tsang

Peter, Great achievement. Congratulation!


Cheryl Lau

Congratulations Peter ! You made it ! Well done !


Yung Wai Wong

Congratulations to PL and KW who achieved what we could hardly reach and let us contribute to those unfortunate.


Boris Choy

Well done guys! Peter, as The Fred Hollows Foundation is my most preferred charity organisation, Connie and I decide to double the donation amount we promised to support your challenge. We are proud of your achievement and thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Boris


Raymond Lam

Hi Peter, congratulation to your completion of the Snowman Trek Walk.


Wing So Tang

You are one of our idols. We shall keep our spirit as positive as yours. Proud to be your friends.


Joe Liu

Well done for a good cause


Stella Ip

Congratulations to your inspiring walk!


Fung Yee Lee


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